Current topics

Large-sized milled parts

With our Belotti milling machine Nova6030 and our vacuum clamping table we can process metal plates with a size of up to 3000 x 6000 mm very precisely in one clamping.

New special milling machine for large-format machine body panels

Precision? It's a question of format! Mechanical engineering demands ever tighter tolerances. Highest precision is the goal. The aim is to produce machines with shorter cycle times…

Fertigung mit Portalfräse und Mitarbeitern

New dimensions at Batz + Burgel

With the commissioning of our new CNC portal milling machine, we can realise workpieces in completely new dimensions. Do you think big? We do too! Talk to us specifically about the…

Mitarbeiter bei Amontage

Assemblies and coatings

In addition to manufacturing, we are happy to also take on the production of assemblies and casings and deliver the required surface treatment as well - all from one source. Contact…

Rolltreppe Hugendubel

Sculptures with steely strength

This is the title, under which we report about Batz + Burgel in the current issue of LUST UND GUT