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Mechanical engineering


Constantly rising demands

The requirements in mechanical engineering on components, construction units and casings are growing in parallel to ever- increasing production speeds. This also affects the demands on the material. Based on our experience in the field of metals, alloys and surface treatment, we support you as competent consultants and active partners already in the development process when selecting materials.


This starts the development process

Prototyping is an important step in the development process of complex components. With the preparation of production specifications, we achieve clear coordination of the design of a product and the associated choice of materials. Based on the prototypes manufactured by us, we can work with you to review the construction concept and produce binding samples for series production.

Production equipment and mass production

High levels of automation for high precision

We use the dynamics of technological development in metalworking and integrate the latest technologies. This is how we increase the efficiency of our production processes for our precision parts. Our equipment produces in a follow-on composite and transfer system based on the latest technologies and the highest levels of automation.

Assembly of construction units

Pre-assembly even with non-metal components

We take on the pre-assembly of complex construction units, so that you can concentrate on your core expertise. This is how we help you to reduce your organisation costs and to streamline your production. With our storage and production capabilities, we fulfil your requirements for manufacture and assembly of construction units, to which we also integrate non-metal components upon request.

Surface treatment

Also in the field of surface treatment, we support you with help and advice. Whether anodised, painted, powder-coated or other surfaces, we deliver your casings in the desired look. In these fields, we work with established and highly specialised partners and of course, also take over the guarantee for this work. You can see the many different colours and variations in the HD Wahl GmbH surface gallery: to the surface gallery.


Availability worldwide

It is not enough to “just” produce quality products. Important for market success is also the availability of components, at the required place and on the required date. We deliver exact quantities worldwide – with short reaction times and permanent availability »just in time« and according to all current logistical concepts.

Your contact partner

Do you have questions about our product range, material properties or delivery times? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Alexander Batz

Alexander Batz

Consulting & sales