We provide comprehensive advice on the subject of milling

We are not only experts in the production of CNC milled parts from aluminum. As professionals in the field of metalworking, we are also familiar with numerous other materials and can advise you on which metal best meets your requirements. Therefore we also mill parts made of brass, copper, composite materials or stainless steel for you. Please feel free to inform yourself about our delivery programs in the metal trade. If you have any questions, our experts for CNC milled parts will be happy to assist you.


You have a first idea

Then simply get in touch with us. Together we can develop the appropriate product with you. From consulting to design, prototyping and series production.


You have a rough sketch

Simply send us your design by mail. We will check and calculate the possible implementation and then contact you.


You have finished CAD data

Then simply send us the data and you will receive a suitable offer within a few hours.