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Modular assembly

Precision? It’s a question of format!

Mechanical engineering demands ever tighter tolerances. Highest precision is the goal. The aim is to produce machines with shorter cycle times and constantly increasing output. This means constructively: The number of individual parts and joints in a machine design must be reduced as far as possible. This opens up opportunities for increasing efficiency and opens up decisive competitive advantages.

The trend is therefore towards ever larger construction panels. Batz+Burgel manufactures them in XXL dimensions and has invested in a new large-format milling machine for this purpose. This means we can offer you the ideal format for all your requirements. In terms of partnership as well as workpiece dimensions.

On the plate. That’s it. Go.

The design advantages of large-format machine corpus panels speak for themselves. However, as a professional you are also familiar with the associated handling challenges and fear expensive follow-up investments? Wrongly so, because with us you also turn these challenges into opportunities: through professional outsourcing of component assembly.

If required, we take over the pre-assembly of complex mechanical engineering construction units. This reduces your organisation costs and streamlines your production. We have the necessary storage and finishing capacities for the production and assembly of construction units. Upon request, we also integrate the non-metal components into the construction units.

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