Stainless steel V4A [1.4435]

Stand: Juli 2014 - Quelle: DIN EN 573-3

1. Chemical composition

CSiMnPSCrNiMoOther elements

2. mechanical properties

ConditionNominal thicknessTensile strengthPlug-in limitUltimate elongationRigor
in mmRm in MPaRp0,2 in MPain % (min.)HBS
overup tominmaxminmaxA50A
Physical properties
General properties
(Guide values for 20° C)
Density of  kg/dm38,0Special annealing
Thermal conductivity W/(mK)35-45Workability3
Modulus of elasticity kN/mm2200Dimensional stability3
Therm. linear expansion-Weldability1
Coeffizient 10-6/K15,8-17,3Corrosion resistance1
 Acid resistance1
Standard tolerancesSurface treatment
Surface quality Ra1,6Hardeningnot possible
Thickness tolerance mm+0,2/+0
Length and width tolerance mm-0/+2
Parallelism mm<0,15
Flatness mm<0,5

3. Type:
Thickness ground, length and width sawn or plasma cut
Against surcharge: Outside contour milled with tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm

4. Main application / Special features:
Moulded parts, machine parts, cladding panels and base plates