EN AW – 5083 face milled cast plate

Stand: Juni 2015 - Quelle: DIN EN 573-3 / EN 515 / DIN 17611:2011

1. Chemical composition
in the aftermath of DIN EN 573-3 (in % of the mass, rest AL)

SiFeCuMnMgCrZnTi+Zr RemarkOther elements

2. mechanical properties
in the aftermath of DIN EN 485-2 Sheets and plates (common conditions)

ConditionNominal thicknessTensile strengthPlug-in limitUltimate elongationRigor
in mmRm in MPaRp0,2 in MPain % (min.)HBS
overup tominmaxminmaxA50A
Physical propertiesGeneral properties
(Guide values for 20° C)
Density of g/cm32,68Resistance to:
Solidification range ° C574-638– Sea water2
Electrical conductivity MS/m16-17– Weather conditions2
Thermal conductivity W/(mK)110-130Hot formability
Therm. linear expansion-– extrusion presses
Coeffizient 10-6/K23,3– Drop forging
Modulus of elasticity N/mm270.000– Open die forging
WeldabilitySurface treatment
Fusion weldingProtection anodizing2
– Gas4Anodizing (decorative)4
– WIG2Painting/Coating4
– MIG2
Resistance welding2Contact with foodyes
Machinability H1112

3. Main application / Special features:
In mechanical engineering for fixtures of any kind, mounting plates, base plates and side plates.
Extremely low stress, very good machinability, very good dimensional stability.
When anodising, it is essential to note that pickling is not permitted for cast materials.
Regulation E0 (see data sheet Eloxal)